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Summer Mission Project 2009

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Affectionality referred to as “Habitat”, Summer Mission Project 2009 kicks off tomorrow in Greensboro, NC for a week of service working with Habitat for Humanity.

Our group or 47 volunteers from Lewinsville Presbyterian Church in Mclean, VA made the 5 1/2 hour drive down today. Tomorrow work begins.

We’ll be uploading photos throughout the week to document our adventures. Enjoy!

SMP in Photos

Friday, June 20th, 2008

While in New Orleans, we will be uploading photos of our work throughout the week. I’ve setup a Flickr collection for the photos. Check back soon to get a look at what we’re up to.

SMP 2008 – Flickr Photo Collection

But before I go… SMP 2008

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Summer Mission Project (a.k.a. my annual Habitat for Humanity trip) is next week so before I take my little Internet “summer vacation”, I may have one or two posts before I go since I like sharing this info. (Selfish in someway, yes?)

This year we are headed to New Orleans. As you can imagine, they are still in the process of recovering from hurricane Katrina and while much progress has been made, a ton of work remains to be completed. Our trip planning committee has talked about making this our destination for the past two years but it has taken this long for most locations to switch over from “clean-up” mode to “build” mode and lift some of the “18 and over” age restrictions. (We take youth as young as 16.) We fly out of National on Saturday morning at 8:30am (5am wake-up, ugh.) and return next Saturday, the 28th.

Work will take place in the St. Bernard Parish located just southeast of New Orleans (below the Lower Ninth). For more background on where we will be, check out this page on the Habitat for Humanity site.

btw, I may have just broken my own personal record for parenthesis used in a blog post.

SMP 2007 Photos

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

SMP departure is just under 48 hours away! We will be posting photos daily from North Carolina on Flickr throughout the week. I setup this placeholder collection where the photos will be displayed.

Also, what a small world… Homes for our Troops is building in my hometown.

Summer Mission Project 2007

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

So in just under two weeks, for the 6th year in a row, I will take off with a group of 47 youth and adults from Lewinsville Presbyterian Church for our annual “Habitat” trip. We affectionately call this trip “Habitat” since we typically work with Habitat for Humanity to help provide low-cost housing to low-income families. (The trip is officially known around the church as “Summer Mission Project” or “SMP”. “Habitat” just makes it easier to say and explain.)

This year the “Habitat” moniker does not apply as we have teamed up with a new organization called Home For Our Troops. As you might expect, this organization was put together to help provide affordable housing for those servicemen & women who have returned home with serious disabilities and injuries.

Each and every year one of the biggest treats is getting to meet the families we are helping and to hear their stories. Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen as a family may not yet have been chosen, they may not be around for that week, etc. However last night I came to learn just a little about the gentleman whose house we will be helping to build. Thought I would post a little of his bio and story here:

On August 17, 2005 SGT Jonathan Roberts was struck by an 18 wheeler in Baghdad. Jon was on his way to pick up an officer from the airport when he rounded a corner and saw a semi truck coming straight at him. He went to swerve and ended up hitting a tree and then being struck by the semi. After these two major jolts Jon was rushed to a hospital in Bagdad where they performed emergency brain surgery on him. Jon spent the next 3 months in a coma and his doctors recommended that his parent’s put him in a nursing home and move on. Eventhough many nurses, therapists and doctors gave up on Jon his parents refused to. By God’s grace Jon is now starting to talk again and is walking with assistance. Please help Homes for Our Troops build SGT Roberts a home where he can enjoy the independence that he has been working so hard for. 

Here’s the link to the full story.

I’ll be there during the week of June 24th. Pictures of the work and our adventures will be posted daily on the Lewinsville website. (I’ll put a more direct link up here when I have one.)